First Aid - Find out more Health & Safety - Find out more Q. How much notice do you require to run a First Aid at Work course or an IOSH accredited Health and Safety course ?

A. For the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work courses we generally require 1 week. For the 3 day First Aid at Work course we would require a minimum of 2 weeks, but ideally we would prefer 3 weeks notice to enable us to order certificates and workbooks etc


Q. If we require a First Aid or IOSH course to be held over weekends or evenings etc, is the price increased to reflect this ?

A. No, the prices remain the same regardless of the time of day, or day of the week that the course is scheduled to be delivered.


Q. Is there a minimum number of delegates required for each course?

A. Yes, for the 3 day First Aid at Work course, and either of the IOSH Managing Safety or Working Safely courses, there is usually a minimum of 6 delegates required. However, if you have less delegates than this and are local, then we would be happy to negotiate this. Alternatively, the course can be advertised Nationally and when there are enough delegates, the course can then be delivered.


Q. What areas of the UK do you cover ?

A. Primarily the North East, but we will consider delivering courses anywhere in the mainland UK at any time and we are fully negotiable.

Q. If we require either a First Aid at Work course, or an IOSH accredited Health and Safety course to be delivered on our premises, what facilities will you require ?

A. For either of the courses, we would normally visit your premises to assess the suitability of the location prior to acceptance. An absolute bare minimum would be a room large enough to accommodate the required number of delegates, each with a chair and desk and with a normal 240v power supply, adequate lighting, heating and ventilation. (normal large office, meeting room, classroom). For First Aid at Work courses, we would also require enough floor space with which to carry out practical first aid training on the floor for all delegates simultaneously.


Q. If a first-aider obtained an First Aid at Work certificate just before implementation of the new training regime in October 2009, will they still need to be retrained now the new courses are introduced?

A. No. They will only enter the new training regime when their three year FAW certificate expires.


Q. Will annual refresher training be a mandatory requirement?

A. No. It will be strongly recommended to employers to help qualified first aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes in first aid procedures.


Q. If I need to take time off during a 3 day First Aid at Work course, am i still able to pass the course as long as I pass the final exam and assessments successfully ?

A. As long as you have completed the specified amount of contact hours required for the courses.


Q. Can the length of the course be varied ?

A. The length of a course may be extended, but the prescribed contact hours must not be reduced below the minimum. Contact hours are the hours of actual instruction and may include assessment time but exclude refreshment breaks.


Q. Is there a time limit for completing courses?

A. Courses must comprise sessions of a minimum length and must be completed within prescribed time limits according to which course you are undertaking.


Q. One of my employees will be unable to undertake the floor exercises involved in the 3 day First Aid at Work course due to a disability. Will they still be able to become a First Aider at Work ?

A. A number of factors would need to be considered in assessing their potential ability in the First Aider role. However, in order to be a First Aider at Work, delegates should be capable of demonstrating and performing the full range of First Aid techniques - such as CPR. If this is a permanent disability, the delegate may be best suited in an Appointed Person role, which involves the administration of first aid in the workplace. If the disability is temporary, the training should be deferred until the delegate is able to undertake the activities.

For all FAQ’s relating to legal duties and first aid provision at work, please follow the link below to the HSE (Health & Safety Executive)pdf document entitled “First Aid at Work – Your questions answered”.

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